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Steve Backley

"Although an unlikely ambassador for a remediation and ground works contractor, Steve Backley has become a force majeur in promoting all spheres of our business. His effervescent enthusiasm and popularity has impacted positively on company presentations, project awards and hospitality events."


Gloria Watkins -
Frankis Solutions Ltd.




"Steve is a longstanding client and we have been delighted with his contributions as an ambassador for the firm. Clients and business contacts have enjoyed his company at firm events and have taken a great deal of interest in his business interests since retirement from competition. They find that Steve puts a lot of dedication, preparation and passion into everything he does (whether on a sporting or business level) and with this in mind, he has a lot to offer to the people at these events."


Salim Somjee -
Clarkson Wright & Jakes



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Steve Backley promoting
Steve Backley

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