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Whilst Steve always likes to build a unique presentation for his client, below are some of the presentations which have given Steve his great reputation.


Success is a decision not a gift

His leading presentation “Success is a Decision, not a Gift” defines the 5 main attributes which he believes will ensure success in any walk of life, namely:

  • How to plan for life

  • How to develop profound self-belief and deal with failure

  • How to understand your weaknesses (and what to do about them)

  • How to reach your maximum performance

  • How to develop passion for your life.

Steve focuses heavily on the mental preparation involved in performing and offers a revealing insight into his ability to peak for major championships. His insightful and engaging after dinner speech and team building presentations are informative yet entertaining. The team building presentation concludes with a small practical demonstration where Steve introduces his gravity defying javelin - highlighting the essential components necessary for success within any team.

How to thrive when faced with adversity

Steve was one of very few athletes who was able to recover from injury and return to the very top of his event.


He can teach you what he learned in overcoming adversity and delivering when it seemed that all the odds were stacked against him.

  • How to Develop + Sustain a good performance when others may fail.

  • Visualisation - the key to performing consistency under pressure.

"We have implemented Steve’s ideas into our long term strategy and day to day operations with amazing effect. Thanks Steve"

After Dinner Speaking

Steve's after dinner presentation is a light hearted look at Steve and his colleagues experiences within sport.

  • The underlying messages are motivating and uplifting

  • This informative and entertaining speech is ideal for any prize giving or awards ceremony where Steve is the ideal host.

"Thanks very much Steve for your outstanding contribution to the celebration dinner at our new Excel Sports Centre. Your speech was spot on - it had humour and a strong message and that was very relevant to all those people present who had worked so hard to make the centre a reality. We all appreciated the time you spent talking to as many of the guests as you could and your presence helped make it a really successful evening"

Dave Moorcroft

How to build your Dream Team

Surrounding yourself with the right people is essential for continued success.


At the last Olympics in 2004, Steve had 13 people in his extensive and highly effective team.

  • Steve breaks down the 7 aspects behind a winning team into a simple and teachable model that is easy to follow and effective at transforming your team to perform at its optimum.

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